On October 2nd, 2021, ParadoxNFT completed the onboarding process with Certik in anticipation of formally completing their auditing process. For those who don’t know, Certik is the premier blockchain and crypto auditing service within the crypto industry. A finished audit from Certik helps increase investor confidence in crypto project. This is a critical step towards helping establish ParadoxNFT as a legitimate project within the Cryptocurrency and NFT space. CEO Leo Bailey has also taken the unprecedented step of announcing that the ParadoxNFT Marketplace will not only be audited by Certik but will be protected by Certik’s 24/7 Skynet monitoring service. This further demonstrates ParadoxNFTs commitment to excellence and security. We are currently running a fund raiser in our Telegram to help fund the initial Certik audit. If you want more PXBSC without the tax, please come check us out!

Crypto Medic

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